System Shock 2 Walkthrough - Operations (Part Two)

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 1. Cool, more offices! Starting from my left and going clockwise. Office 1 is empty. Office 2 has a desk with a version 2 repairing software. Office 3 is not really an office and has two ladders to go down. DON'T! Office 4 has a desk with 15 nanites and the cool ExpertTech implant!

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 2. Once down I took care to avoid the eggs on the ceiling and made my way close to the sim unit. The trap that freak Malik was talking about is four spiders that will get released when I get close to the unit. The dead body contains a laser rapier and 6 standard bullets and there's a French-Epstein device here as well. And the security station won't prevent the spiders from coming after you, if that's what you were thinking! My strategy here is to grab the loot safely then stick the chip in the sim unit and run like hell! Let's see how that goes...

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 3. It worked. I had time to run back to the ladder but, oh surprise, see what was waiting for me upstairs (inset)! I swear I'm not making this up! Ok, I have enough of these distractions and head back to the entrance to deal with that turret.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 4. With my current armament I see no choice but to destroy the turret with some cryo blasts. If that ain't cute, a monkey is coming straight for me! And it's the fireball-type, awww....

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 5. The turret had a battery in it. Looking left I See upgrade stations, a dead body (3 cyber modules) and a log from Suarez. As I head toward the upgrade stations, two monkeys and a grenade hybrid get in the way. I'm not sure what is wrong with this gaming session, but there are so many hybrids and spiders spawning that I'm starting to think it's a bug in the game! Oh, and check out for that turret when you head for the upgrade stations (inset)!

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 6. Next to the turret in this area is a shooting range where you can get 12 anti-personnel bullets. Pretty handy against the hordes of monkeys and hybrids that keep respawning in this God forsaken place! Maybe my constant reloading while taking these screenshots is messing up the game somehow?

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 7. Backtracking a bit I enter the barracks where I find 10, 15 and 20 nanites, a speed booster hypo and a BrawnBoost implant. While I was searching a monkey, a spider and two hybrids rushed in the room!

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 8. Leaving the barracks I turn left and head for the next section. Uncle Xerxes' watchful eye spotted me as I rushed past the bend...

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 9. Now, the replicator to my right is one of the few places on this ship where you can get a recycler! Go get one and get rid of all the junk you're carrying! To the left is an armory and a droid is inside. Open at your own risk but you'll still get a perfect assault rifle and some grenades if you do. More barracks are straight ahead and I find 20, 25, 15 and 15 nanites, 3 cyber modules and a log from Bronson. I hack both the security station and turret and prepare to enter the final area of this level.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 10. I hacked the security station before going forward. The body in front of the door is empty and only serves to draw you close to the door where a droid and more hybrids are waiting. In the next room (inset) I find a dead body with 6 armor-piercing bullets and a working turret I hacked. I'm pretty glad I did as more spiders and monkeys kept pouring in. Look at this mess...

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 11. Past the next door is our target: the last red cyborg! In a strange turn of events he was really easy to kill. As more hybrids got in the way the cyborg was unable to get a clear line of sight and I was able to dispatch him with a few blasts while taking only minimal damage!

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 12. I turn left and take another left to visit the good folks in the brig. That should allow me to catch my breath!

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 13. Before entering this cell make sure to break the ceiling glass (1) and destroy the junction box (2). If you do not, you are in for a surprise! Nothing dangerous however. Don't forget to to pick the unresearched item from your dead cellmate.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 14. I turn left as I exit the brig and get rid of the camera. This is a spawning location for the bad guys and I have to fight a spider, two hybrids and a monkey. Past the door I finally find the last of the sim units and one hell of a carnage... In total I find a log from Bronson and Diego, 12 standard bullets, 6 anti-personnel slugs, a maintenance tool, a laser pistol, a psi hypo and 40 nanites. Overriding the sim unit gives me 15 more cyber modules.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 15. Past the close door is a log from Delacroix, a med kit (inset) and 2 hidden cyber modules (inset). I turn left and rush past the camera downstairs. Remember this location as we'll need to come back later. Oh joy... Downstairs are four rooms and I find a surgical unit, 6 rifled slugs, a maintenance tool, plenty of disgusting worms, a dead body with 2 cyber modules, a log from Bronson hidden behind a chair in the same room and a psi booster guarded by a monkey in the last room.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 16. That's it! I'm making a quick stop at the upgrade stations and then I'm going back to the hub! How do I spend all those modules now... With my 225 modules I increased my Psi stats to the max. I also upgraded my strength and my maintenance skill. Upgrading maintenance gives all the energy-based items more charge. I still have more than 100 modules left and I'll keep them to see how my new abilities pan out. On to recreation!