System Shock 2 Walkthrough - Hydroponics (Part Three)

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 1. Sector D and more eggs. And the most unsettling background humming I have heard yet. I pick up another log from Garr... err... Captain Diego, who is loosing his marbles at an alarming pace. The body here contains 20 nanites, 3 proximity grenades and a nice EnduroBoost implant! Note the large door to the left.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 2. As I move forward a midwife hears me and charges as I rush backward. As she tries to land a few close-range attacks she yells "How does this feel!". My wrench kicked the smugness right out of her. Twice.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 3. In the desk I find a psi hypo, a beaker and a log from Loesser. The replicator doesn't help me much, even after a good hack.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 4. I turn right and climb the ramp to a small room where I find 3 precious cyber modules, a log from Korenchkin, a maintenance tool in one of the crates and a French-Epstein device in the security crate. I leave this room -- John Wayne style through a broken window -- and take the door to my right.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 5. This looks like a control room of sort. There's a broken EMP rifle on the console to my left and a dead women with a suit of powered armor, 65 nanites plus med and speed hypos. Hoping to one day play in a western movie, I again break the window straight in front of me and throw myself out. I make sure to land on the small ledge outside.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 6. There's loot high in a vent of some sort (5). I rush for the ladder (1), jump on the pipes (2,3,4) to finally get to that vent. Beware, certain death awaits you if you fall in the steaming water. My reward is 3 cyber modules, 6 anti-personnel shells, a maintenance tool, a bottle of bubbly and a magazine depicting some tropical paradise. I carefully jump back down and head toward the exit.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 7. I turn right at the large door next to the exit. I spot eggs downstairs and hear the articulators of a midwife. After I dispatch the midwife, spiders join the party! (if you suffer from arachnophobia, be sure to Google for the "No Spider" patch)

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 8. After killing a couple more eight-legged you-know-what, I turn right and head for the red light blinking in the distance. I look down and find 3 cyber modules. The nearby body has 20 nanites and 12 anti-personnel shells on him. Be sure to pick up the remains of at least one spider for research.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 9. I go back, past the entrance, and duke it out with another spider before finally gazing upon my objective: the regulator! As I advance, carefully, I question my sanity as I hear The Many speak again. I get ready for one more spider.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 10. Two bodies are next to the regulator. I search them and find 12 standard bullets, a version 2 repairing software, 6 armor-piercing bullets, an anti-toxin hypo and 20 nanites. Placing the vial of Toxin A in the regulator, I score 14 modules as Polito tells me the elevator is now operational and to come up and pay her a visit. I leave and head back for the elevator.