System Shock 2 Walkthrough - Hydroponics (Part Two)

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 1. The entrance to Sector A presents a pretty vivid scene. What's even more impressive is this same entrance viewed from the inside of the room (inset), where we can clearly see a camera and two eggs forming one deadly trap! I dispatch the camera by leaning and I rush forward. The egg to my right bursts open and releases a single annelid. The egg itself contains a healing gland. Don't get too close to the other egg as it spits out toxic material.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 2. Before doing anything else I spot and psi-pull 3 cyber modules from the opening. The woman's body contains an extra vial of Toxin A, in case you misplaced one, while the man's body has a Swift Boost implant and 19 nanites. As I hear some droids patrolling I decide to hack the replicator and get some psi hypos.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 3. I decide not to use the upgrade stations so that I can unlock some of the more costly psi abilities later on. Leaving the room I see a log from Polito as well as a security and two normal crates at the end of the corridor. The security crate contains an auto-repair unit. 6 rifled slugs plus a speed boost hypo are in the other crates.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 4. I turn right and take the first door to my right. More disturbing than this scene is the fact that I first spotted the stripes of a security crate between the two larger ones and not the dead woman. From the crate I get 6 anti-personnel bullets and 19 nanites from the body. The normal crate contains a hazard suit.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 5. The other body has nothing but again my little eye spies some hidden loot. 3 cyber modules are squeezed between the crates. When I move to collect an annelid spawns behind me and attacks. An anti-toxin hypo is all I could find in the remaining containers.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 6. Time to cross the corridor ahead. Note the camera, there's one in each corridor. There are several ways to resolve this problem. First you can hammer the droids with cryokinesis blasts, but a trickier way to dispatch them is to first have the droid spot you and then hug the wall left of the doorway (1). The droid will come for you but won't be able to shoot since the frame of the doorway blocks his weapon (inset)! It's pretty scary to see a droid this close, but you can dispatch it easily using your weapon of choice. Pull back on the last hit as the explosion will damage you a bit. Repeat for the second droid.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 7. While you can expect nanites, hypos and/or maintenance tools from the dead droids, you may decide to sneak past them. You can hide half-way across the corridor and also loot two dead bodies. The man's body has 3 incendiary grenades and 12 standard bullets and some nanites can be found on the woman. Various loot can be gathered from the local fauna (insets).

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 8. The real jackpot is on the dead body found at the end of the right corridor. An assault rifle in very good condition, the access card to Hydroponics D, hacking software version 2, 15 nanites and 12 armor-piercing bullets. My inventory is pretty full and since I can't bring myself to throw anything away, I'm seriously considering upgrading my strength to get more room.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 9. I open the door and turn left. Before moving on I search the dead body and find a Psi-Amp and a psi hypo on it. Behind the door I hear a hybrid patrolling. To be on the safe side I go back and hack security before opening the door.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 10. I was able to convince the hybrid to take a power nap while Polito tells me to get to it already. She seems to be in a pretty bad mood. Windows Futurista™ probably crashed on her again. This section is one of two identical, although the second one (just forward) contains another droid patrolling. Here, the left room contains two eggs, one healing gland, 6 rifled slugs and 6 anti-personnel bullets. Two more eggs and a gland were in the right room.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 11. The droid does not even notice me so I can discretely sneak into each room. For the more intrepid, may I suggest repeating the wall hugging trick for destroying the droid while taking no damage? The left room contained two eggs, 16 nanites, a maintenance tool, an anti-rad hypo and one of those still unresearched hypos. The other room had an unresearched item in one of the 3 eggs (chemicals Ga and Y needed), 14 nanites, 2 anti-rad hypos and 3 cool cyber modules! Keching!

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 12. I walk through the door and find the regulator as well as a midwife, oblivious to my presence. To my right I hear a camera I fear would not be so unforgiving. I manage to find a way to sneak under the camera to my right without being detected. Aside from a droid patrolling, there is nothing else to find in this area so I plug the vial and leave, unseen! Going back to the entrance I encounter a few hybrids and a midwife. A hybrid with a log from Turnbull is waiting for me near the exit. I extract the log with extreme prejudice, recharge and leave this section.

System Shock 2 Walkthrough Screenshot 13. I backtrack and find the door to Hydroponics D, which I can now open. I enter Sector D with 80 cyber modules.