• GameSpot's Splinter Cell game guide was used to identify the training level Easter egg and provide general information about the game.
  • Cheat Planet's Splinter Cell Strategy Guide helped identify the hidden area in the Georgian Defense Ministry.
  • Dave H. from upstate N.Y. for emailing news that you can outrun the wall mines in Kalinatek.
  • Rudy (Travelintrevor) for his suggestion early in Mouke Tso Bo Meats.
  • Elliot for identifying the ammunition in the T'blisi dead drop.
  • Steve S. for emailing that you can use the Kalinatek mercenaries as human shields.
  • Steve Bell for emailing about the pipe over the broken glass in Kalinatek.
  • Ed Forsyth for emailing about the medkit in T'iblisi.
  • Jason Langdon for simplifying the end game in Mission 9.
  • Weebs for suggesting an alternate tactic at the Chinese Embassy.
  • Valerie for saving bullets in GFO Oil Rig.

Splinter Cell Review ★★★★

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is a visual feast. For those with high-end systems, this is the game to show off your investment. The lighting and shadow effects are the game's signature feature.

This is a stealth-action game in the vein of Metal Gear Solid, Thief and Deus Ex. Success in meeting your objectives will more often depend upon your shadow-hugging abilities than your twitch-and-shoot skills. The game's third-person perspective - a turnoff for many FPS fans - is surprisingly comfortable. The camera rarely gets in the way. Importantly, the HUD and game menus scale with higher resolutions. More games should employ this basic UI courtesy.

Production values on this title are notably high, with polished cutscenes and professional voice acting throughout. Actor Michael Ironside, unforgettable as Starship Troopers' Lt. Jean Rasczak, is cast in the lead role of Sam Fisher. The unique combination of stealth gameplay, stellar graphics and all-around polish make this a thoroughly enjoyable game.

- Last Update 05/28/2006