Flower Review ★★★★★

Flower is as much an experience as a game. If you've ever had the "flying dream," where you can soar and swoop at will, you'll instantly find an affinity with the game mechanics. While there are concrete objectives, usually involving collecting specific flowers to trigger additional spawns, the primary focus is on enjoying the feeling of flight.

Control with the Playstation 3's Sixaxis controller is perfect. It's as if the controller was designed with this specific game in mind. Tilting the Sixaxis swoops your bouquet of petals - your persona in the game - in the corresponding direction. Tilt forward to dive, back to soar, and so on. Once you get the hang of it (it's crucial to keep the controller parallel to the floor when at rest) you'll be soaring over, through and around the game's beautiful scenery. Even just swooshing through the thick grass is fun, as the sense of speed equals that of the best racers.

Sample video of me playing Flower

Story-wise there's not much going on. Trapped on an urban window sill, six potted flowers dream of a brighter existence in colorful country landscapes, and later of transforming their dreary city into a beautiful metropolis. Combined with the light-hearted music, the story adds to the feeling of wonder created by the flying mechanics.

Overall I absolutely loved playing Flower and would recommend it to anyone, particularly those who usually don't consider themselves gamers. The game is quick to learn, fun to play, and completed with minimal time commitment. Next time someone creates a fuss about video games being too violent, show them Flower and they'll be impressed with both the game, and with you.

- Last Update 01/24/10