• Thanks to Sapheriel for his excellent secrets walkthrough, which helped identify those secrets I missed.
  • Thanks to Locutus for pointing out that I missed Golden Starship 70 at the end of Incognito.
  • Thanks to Admiral Kimbrell and Deamon Deathstone for revealing the hidden I-MOD and the code to access Jarot's locker in Information Gathering 1.

Elite Force 2 Review ★★★★★

Star Trek Elite Force 2 is a competent implementation of the Quake 3 engine. A vibrant palate with familiar Quake-style animated pipes, conduits and ceiling runners makes for an attractive futuristic look, although the engine is beginning to show its age.

Gameplay is very straightforward. In addition to the standard FPS offerings, an innovative set of puzzles are introduced which use the tricorder to match waveforms and divert power around short circuits. The power-diversion puzzles in particular become more challenging as the game progresses, but the challenge is never too difficult.

Fans of the Star Trek series will especially enjoy the opportunity to freely walk about the Enterprise-E. The Bridge and the Observation Lounge are particularly noteworthy. Still, even for a Trek fan such as I, the game fails to become more than what we've seen before and ultimately feels uninspired.

- Last Update 8/28/03