Crysis Walkthrough - Paradise Lost (Part Two, Passage)

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 1. Help Prophet defeat the attacking Aliens.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 2. These Alien troopers are more aggressive than the ones you have encountered earlier so expect a tough fight.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 3. There is a container full of weapons right behind you. No big guns though, only shotguns, rifles and grenades. You'll find the original US standard issue SCAR rifle here. Grab ammo as you need, especially grenades.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 4. Once all the Aliens are dead, Prophet will tell you that his suit is not holding up against the cold. A counter appears on screen showing Prophet's suit power. If it drops to zero, Prophet will die and mission will fail.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 5. While you are talking, another bunch of Aliens will close in. Prophet takes cover, leaving the Alien gun for you.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 6. This weapon is called the Molecular Accelerator or MOAC in short. Sadly it's not as effective as it looks -- it overheats very fast and needs a long cooling time. You'll find it easier to kill the Aliens with your rifle.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 7. Clear out the Aliens quickly. Throw grenades at them when they are approaching in a group. Prophet will take cover inside the container so it's up to you now.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 8. Once you take out all the Alien Troopers, a path will be opened up by Alien fire. At the same time, Major Strickland will radio in giving you new coordinates. Move to the path. Prophet will follow you.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 9. Go down the path. By now, Prophet's suit power will be reduced so you need to find a heat source. Move close to the fire.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 10. Prophet will position himself near the fire to recharge his suit. Wait till it fills up to 100, and then proceed to the next location marked in the map.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 11. The spot marked by the green dot in your map is another heat source, a burning car. Move close to the fire so that Prophet can refill his suit.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 12. When you get here an Alien Scout will fly in to hunt you. Its fire will eat up your health fast so watch out. Keep moving around to dodge the attack. Or better, you can switch to 'cloak mode' and hide.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 13. You can pick up some ammo from the back of the trucks. The truck north of the burning car holds a missile launcher.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 14. You can try to bring down the nasty Alien with the missile launcher, MOAC, or a lot of rifle fire. However, this is not going to make things any better because if one Alien Scout falls, another will join the hunt. The priority is to get out of here with Prophet.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 15. Once you are ready to leave, move through this narrow path to the next objective seen in the map.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 16. As you pass through, a bunch of Alien troopers will come at you. Use grenades to take them out quickly.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 17. Ahead of you there is another heat source. Avoid the Alien attack from above while Prophet refills his suit power. Then proceed to the next objective.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 18. When you reach a frozen river with a mashed up bridge going over it, an Alien Scout will drop in a bunch of smaller Aliens in front of you. Move in and engage them.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 19. While fighting the Aliens, don't forget to keep up the run to the next heat source. Disregard your assailants and press forward if the counter goes too low. Next objective is to the left of the river.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 20. Let Prophet replenish his suit power from this downed helicopter. While waiting, stay cloaked to elude the Alien Scouts.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 21. The next objective is just a few steps away. While moving in here, look above you to see a seriously-big Alien warship fly over you. It's not a threat for you but the Alien scouts are still on the lookout.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 22. Wait a bit near the burning truck then rush to the next spot marked on the map. Go past the frozen soldiers and their Jeeps. No need to look for ammo from here on.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 23. You'll find yourself at one end of a nearly broken bridge. Step onto the bridge and run.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 24. Carefully make your way to the other end of the bridge. The chapter ends as you exit the Alien energy sphere.