Crysis Review (Continued)

Although the first few levels of the game seem similar, as you progress through the levels you will find a lot of variation in the environment and your foes. If in the beginning the island was a sunny tropical paradise with stunningly beautiful scenery that compels you take a break from the fighting and just stare at it, after the Aliens trigger a climate change, the environment turns into a fear-inducing tundra. There is a section where you take part in an intense tank fight with the North Korean army. In one level you get to fly a VTOL aircraft while battling flying Aliens. Whichever part of the game stands out most for you, what will remain in your memory even longer after finishing the game is the level where you travel through the gravity-free internals of the Alien’s base, fighting the Aliens up close.

The only area where the game is lacking is the plot. The story is not so engrossing although it does justice to the game. It takes a while to learn all the controls and tricks of the game so it won’t be easy to pick up the game from the middle. There are many user friendly features to the game, such as instant reload after you get killed, the ability to change difficulty at any time in the game, etc. The few dramatic moments in the cutscenes do not inspire much awe. The voice acting is flawless and the background score nicely blends with the mood of each level.

- Review and walkthrough authored by Pradeep Rajan, Last Update 12/09/2011

Crysis Review ★★★★★

Every few years, a game is launched that redefines the quality standards of its genre and causes a stir in the gaming world. Crysis is easily one of those games and one of the best first-person shooters to date. With gorgeous, cutting-edge graphics and dynamic, intelligent game play, this game is a technological masterpiece.

When Crysis was released in 2007, it caused a rage in the gaming community. While critics showered the developer, Crytek, with praise for the game’s graphical prowess, many users were disappointed because the CryEngine-2 demanded much more juice than the average CPU and GPU of that time could offer. It took four long years for the console versions to arrive. Anyway if you do have a machine that can handle it, Crysis will reward you sweetly with eye candy. The realistic nature of the environment goes beyond just looking great. Solid physics and highly destructible and interactive objects allow you to be mean to the shacks, trees, ducks, etc.

Coming to game play, Crysis virtually centers on the awesome Nanosuit. It’s your best friend and greatest asset in the game, more than any weapon. Besides providing a great degree of armor, the Nanosuit gives you some cool special abilities. The most fun and most useful of these is the Cloak mode, which makes you temporarily invisible. The speed mode allows ultra high speed sprinting, while Strength mode can be used to bunny hop over obstacles or punch enemies to death.

The most distinctive aspect of game play that separates Crysis from traditional first-person shooters is the freedom that you are given. Apart from giving you objectives, the game does not try to predefine how you act in a level. The big, nonlinear maps allow you to approach your objectives in many distinct paths. The Nanosuit, with its different modes, allows you great flexibility to play in the style of your choice. Want to infiltrate that enemy base in a stealthy way? Use cloak mode and sneak with your silenced rifle. Or use Speed mode to dart in through the perimeter defenses. Or if you prefer the frontal assault, stay in armor mode and walk in, all guns blazing. Another contributing factor to your freedom is the attachments that allow you to modify your weapons. The choices you have make you think on your feet and experiment with the environment, resulting in an evolved and intelligent game play experience.

Crytek’s debut game, FarCry, was praised for bringing the sandbox style of game play into a first-person shooter. With Crysis, Crytek takes the sandbox element to the next level. There is even a sandbox editor that comes with the game. The initial maps are wide open and rich with different types of weapons and vehicles such as Jeeps, trucks, and boats, all armed with mounted guns. You can drive one of these vehicles at any time and use them to your advantage. Because of the possibility to try out different methods and experiment with the maps, you will find yourself wanting to play the same level again and again. In other words, there is great replay value for Crysis.

In the earlier levels of the game, our Nanosuit clad protagonist, call sign Nomad, travels through dense forests and beaches of a fictional tropical island, engaging large forces of the North Korean Army. During these parts, where you take out hordes of enemies single handedly, you will enjoy a super-soldier aura about yourself thanks to the abilities of the Nanosuit. But the tide will change later in the game as the Aliens take over the island and you will start feeling like the hunted. The end of the game takes place on an aircraft carrier, where you will fight the Aliens for survival.