Crysis Walkthrough - Contact (Part One, Divided We Fall)

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 1. Crysis is all about the futuristic NanoSuit. The hijinks seen in the introductory video show off its capabilities.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 2. You and your buddies are hardened US Special Forces soldiers on a mission to investigate a distress call from a group of archaeologists trapped in a tropical island in the Philippines Sea. Incidentally, the North Koreans are there too. Mood is set right from the beginning.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 3. Nice way to begin the adrenaline-soaked adventure. But nothing much to do during this sky dive, so listen to the chit chat.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 4. Things do not start too well for our protagonist, Nomad, as he crash lands to the water. But the NanoSuit can handle that. Just make your way to land, and your squad leader Prophet will patch you up.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 5. Move to the target location indicated by the green arrow in the radar. Check the objectives screen and the map for details.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 6. You are well-armed straight from the beginning. Customise your weapons as Prophet instructs. Action is right around the corner.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 7. Watch out for the KPA soldier above the ridge to your right. Make sure your weapon is silenced before opening fire.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 8. Two more enemy soldiers on the beach ahead. Use the binoculars to tag them to the radar in the bottom left of your screen. The colors indicate their level of alertness. Also note that the diamond shaped 'eye' marks your target location.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 9. Your buddy Jester is waiting for you on the other end of the beach. Use this time to check out the 4 modes of the NanoSuit -- Maximum armour, Maximum speed, Maximum strength and Cloak. You will be using them a lot.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 10. Meet up with Jester and follow him to the next cutscene. One of the most dramatic moments of the game awaits you.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 11. We didn't do this. Apparently your team and the North Koreans are NOT alone on this island.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 12. Crysis has its fair share of grim and creepy moments. Come to think of it, there are no funny moments in the game at all. Pay respect to your fallen friend. But pick up the ammo from his rifle anyway.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 13. From here on you are alone. Move to the next destination shown in the radar. Press ahead to the rocks and use the 'strength mode' to jump above.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 14. You will meet with a small KPA patrol. Time to switch to the very useful 'cloak mode'. Note that your pistol, with silencer and laser pointer, is most effective to take out enemies with a headshot. Take out both KPA soldiers and move on.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 15. Here you will receive a secondary objective -- take out the radar jamming device. It's located in the beach right ahead of you, and is marked in the radar by a yellow arrow. Walk up there.