Crysis Walkthrough - Assault (Part Three, Cavalry)

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 1. Once the cruiser is destroyed, you will be handed your next assignment: secure the harbor. That means you have to take out the KPA helicopter that will show up so that the VTOLs can safely land.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 2. The chopper will promptly fly in from the east. Switch to 'cloak mode' and take it out with your missile launcher. If you don't have one, get one from the weapons storage room or lying around the harbor.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 3. Once the skies are clear, our heavy VTOLs will fly in carrying tanks. And guess who's in charge: Major Strickland. You will be instructed to rendezvous with him at the rail tunnel to the south-east as shown in the map.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 4. Gee. Look at those VTOLs flying around carrying a tank like it's nothing.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 5. Pay one last visit to the weapon room so stock up on weapons and head to the south-east of the compound.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 6. You'll find the rails leading to the tunnel. Major Strickland is waiting there with his heavy armor column. Jump over the fence in 'strength mode' and head there.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 7. The Major is pleased with your work. Psycho is already there to grab a share of the glory.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 8. Strickland gives Psycho a whole new assignment. He is to join with another unit for a different task. The sequel, "Crysis Warhead" is based on that with Psycho as the protagonist.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 9. Psycho says his good-bye and takes off. Strickland wants you to man one of the tanks. Never a dull moment in this game.

Crysis Walkthrough Screenshot 10. The Major orders his tank to blow up the blockade at the tunnel entrance to clear a path. Enter the unmanned tank to the left.