BioShock Walkthrough - Point Prometheus

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 1. Fontaine is waiting for you when your Bathysphere arrives. Chase him up the stairs.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 2. Here's a map of the level. All maps can be viewed on the maps page.
Map - Point Prometheus
1. Power To The People - Weapon Upgrade
2. Safecracker 2 - Engineering Tonic
3. Why Just Girls? - Audio Diary
4. Changing Employers - Audio Diary
5. Alarm Expert 2 - Engineering Tonic
6. Extra Munitions - Audio Diary
7. Power To The People - Weapon Upgrade
8. Marketing Gold - Audio Diary
9. Cheap Son Of A Bitch - Audio Diary
10. Hacker's Delight 3 - Physical Tonic
11. Missing Boots - Audio Diary
12. Protector Smell - Audio Diary
13. Mistakes - Audio Diary
14. Protecting Little Ones - Audio Diary
15. Damage Research 2 - Combat Tonic

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 3. Ready your Electro Bolt as you race down this tunnel. Fontaine is about to send a pair of Security Bots after you, and with some quick hacking you can turn them into escorts.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 4. Find a Gene-Bank at the other end of the tunnel, then watch Fontaine escape through this door. Only a Little Sister can open it again.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 5. Tenenbaum surmises that a Little Sister will open the door for you if you are suited-up like a Big Daddy. The first step toward becoming one is to find the Suit Control System on this nearby Big Daddy corpse. Note the Power to the People station ahead.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 6. Choices are becoming rather limited; I choose Pistol Damage Increase. Find a First Aid Kit to the right.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 7. You now have a new multi-part goal: sound like, look like and smell like a Big Daddy. There's more than one route you can take, but my preference is to start with the smell challenge. Start through these doors to the Little Wonders Educational Facility.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 8. A Leadhead Splicer greets you on the other side of the door, and this Thuggish Splicer is playing dead near this tunnel entrance. A Bot-escorted Houdini Splicer patrols the overhang.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 9. Once you're inside the tunnel, Tenenbaum informs you that you'll need to find 3 Big Daddy Pheromone Samples.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 10. This next room is tough. You need to jump onto the overturned cabinet on the right, then hop onto the overturned desk on the left, then crouch through the window, all while being shot at by a pair of machine gun turrets. Try to hack them if you like, but it's much easier to lob a few grenades inside and destroy the turrets outright.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 11. Through the next door I encountered the first of the level's three Little Sisters. Security Bullseye directed Fontaine's hacked bots to the Big Daddy. I finished him off with Electric Gel and brought my ADAM total to 250.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 12. Search the room on the right and find these Skinner Boxes. The button under the Big Daddy image produces Potato Chips. The button under the human image reduces your health.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 13. Use the Door Control on room 5 across the hall. Defeat a Houdini Splicer (Incinerate! 3 works well) then find two EVE Hypos and the first of three Big Daddy Pheromone Samples. Room 7's door is blocked.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 14. Fill up at the Circus of Values and ready your Electro Bolt before entering Autopsy on the right -- a security camera is directly across from the door. Find a First Aid Kit on a sink in the right corner.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 15. Big Daddy Pheromone Sample number two is in the back of the room next to a Safecracker 2 Engineering Tonic. Witness an apparition in Temporary Waste Storage on the left. Search the cabinets for supplies.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 16. Follow the hallway around the bend to this corridor. Room 4 has nothing for you, room 3 has a corpse, room 2's door is blocked, and room 1 has an EVE Hypo. Ascend the stairwell at the end of the hall.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 17. Keep left and find your third Big Daddy Pheromone Sample on this desk to complete the sub-goal of smelling like a Big Daddy. Tenenbaum's Why Just Girls? audio diary is on the desk ahead.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 18. Rooms 2 and 7, blocked from below, can be access by jumping over the railings. Room 2 holds a First Aid Kit, and room 7 holds an extra Pheromone Sample and a bag of chips.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 19. Exit both rooms by using these high-up Door Control panels.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 20. Yet another Pheromone Sample is found on this desk between rooms 5 and 7. A Pep Bar is also on this desk.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 21. Fill up at the Circus of Values seen on the left before returning to the Main Hall through this door. Note the hacked security camera above the door.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 22. Find this First Aid Kit on the beam ahead then keep right.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 23. Listen to Fontaine then melt the ice blocking the door on the right.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 24. Find SuChong's Changing Employers audio diary in this Trash Can. Coffee and cash are also here.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 25. Time to sound like a Big Daddy. Enter Optimized Eugenics through the door on the right. Be ready to destroy/hack a security camera once the decontamination process is complete.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 26. Keep right to find a corpse then find the Voicebox Modification Prototype here in the Live Subject Control Room. An Alarm Expert 2 Engineering Tonic is on the left. Film, Coffee, searchable desks and a U-Invent are in the room to the right.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 27. Backtrack the way you came, ready to deal with this trio of possum-playing Splicers. Napalm is my weapon of choice.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 28. Keep right to enter Plasmid Prototyping, where I was able to convince this Big Daddy to take out a turret and a Splicer. Electric Gel allowed me to harvest the level's second of three Little Sisters, bringing my ADAM total to 410.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 29. SuChong's Extra Munitions audio diary is here on the floor, and gives the code to the munitions room near the Protector Labs, 1921.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 30. Be ready to shock/hack/destroy a security camera before entering the Backup Generator room across the hall. Find Napalm to the right.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 31. If you have Electric Flesh 2 equipped, as I do, you'll take no damage from the electrified water and can hack this safe immediately.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 32. Otherwise, you'll need to zap the control panel granting access to the Security Monitoring room.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 33. Then, use the Temporary Generator Override to (temporarily) shut off the power. You can now hack the safe before the power comes back on.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 34. Next up is Eugenics Analysis. A pair of rocket turrets are to your left and Steel-Tip Bolts are on the floor as you enter.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 35. Find this safe, a Proximity Mine and a First Aid Kit. Spot the Power to the People station ahead.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 36. If you've been following the walkthrough, you should only have one upgrade option left (for me it was Pistol Clip Size). Congratulations on earning the Weapon Specialist Achievement!

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 37. I try my newly-tricked-out Pistol on this Splicer blocking the entrance to Test Subject Storage.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 38. Andrew Ryan's Marketing Gold audio diary is on this machine. EVE Hypos, Incendiary Bolts and Pistol Rounds can be found on the floor, and Frag Grenades are on a machine near the other door.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 39. Exit Test Subject Storage, hack the security camera seen above, then return to the Main Hall.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 40. Across the hall is Failsafe Armored Escorts. Before entering through the door on the right, hack this turret. Use the Gatherer's Garden if you like -- I purchased Health and EVE Upgrades plus Human Inferno 2. Ideally, you want to leave this level with 160 ADAM, exactly.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 41. Find a number of Security Bots to loot and hack in the Security Monitoring Room. Defeat this Spider Splicer before entering Suit Assembly, straight ahead.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 42. Keep left to pass through a pair of Securis doors guarded by two Splicers and a turret to find the Big Daddy bodysuits. Enjoy a 25% resistance to all damage while wearing the bodysuit.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 43. Follow the floor right to this door. The code 1921 gets you in. EVE Hypos, Proximity Mines, Armor-Piercing Pistol Rounds, Antipersonnel Auto Rounds, Incendiary Bolts, Electric Buck, Steel-Tip Bolts, Liquid Nitrogen and a Grenade Launcher are your reward.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 44. Backtrack to the Securis doors to find the room's twin, blocked by ice. Melt the ice to enter.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 45. Alternately, both of these rooms can be accessed through crawlspaces where bodysuits are hung, seen to the left in this shot. SuChong's Cheap Son Of A Bitch audio diary, a First Aid Kit and a Circus of Values are in here.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 46. Inside Candidate Induction is the Big Daddy Helmet and a Hacker's Delight 3 Physical Tonic. Brace for an ambush before picking up the helmet. Napalm is found nearby.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 47. Lastly, head into Candidate Conversion. Beware a pair of turrets just inside the door.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 48. The boots aren't here. Instead, find SuChong's Missing Boots audio diary. Note the Safe to the right. A U-Invent, corpse, Crossbow and Steel-Tip Bolts are to the left.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 49. Before rushing off to find the boots, ascend these stairs to grab the final three audio diaries of the game.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 50. SuChong's Protector Smell audio diary is on this machine.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 51. Andrew Ryan's Mistakes audio diary is next to the Gene-Bank. Find cash on the floor.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 52. SuChong's Protecting Little Ones audio diary is on this file cabinet. If you've been following the walkthrough from the beginning, you should now have collected all of BioShock's audio diaries. Congratulations on earning the Historian Achievement!

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 53. The balcony is a good place to snipe the Big Daddy protecting the level's final Little Sister. Harvesting her brings my ADAM to 360.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 54. Exit to the Main Hall, turn left, then follow the signs to the Mendel Library. Beware a security camera and rocket turret to the right.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 55. A solitary Houdini Splicer guards the Big Daddy Boots and Damage Research 2 Combat Tonic. Incendiary Bolts, Liquid Nitrogen and Pistol Rounds are available.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 56. Exit the library and descend the stairs to the left. Tap your wrench against this Hidey Hole to summon a Little Sister. Follow her to the nearby Bulkhead to Proving Grounds.