BioShock Walkthrough - Neptune's Bounty (Part One)

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 1. This is the scene that greets your arrival to Neptune's Bounty. The smuggler's corpse may be searched. A Machine Gun, Buckshot and a Big Daddy corpse are to the left. Supply Crates and Pistol Rounds are to the right.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 2. Here's a map of the level. All maps can be viewed on the maps page.
Map - Neptune's Bounty
1. Medical Expert - Physical Tonic
2. Bathysphere Keys - Audio Diary
3. Timmothy H. Interrogation - Audio Diary
4. Fontaine Must Go - Audio Diary
5. Finding The Sea Slug - Audio Diary
6. Picked Up Timmy H. - Audio Diary
7. Masha Come Home - Audio Diary
8. Watch Fontaine - Audio Diary
9. Have My Badge - Audio Diary
10. Security Bullseye - Plasmid
11. Adam Discovery - Audio Diary
12. Eden Leaking - Audio Diary
13. Fontaine's Smugglers - Audio Diary
14. Death Penalty In Rapture - Audio Diary
15. Meeting Ryan - Audio Diary
16. Rapture Changing - Audio Diary
17. Working Late Again - Audio Diary
18. Smuggling Ring - Audio Diary
19. Saw Masha Today - Audio Diary
20. Shorten Alarms - Engineering Tonic
21. Arresting Fontaine - Audio Diary
22. Wrench Lurker - Combat Tonic
23. Focused Hacker - Engineering Tonic
24. Power To The People - Weapon Upgrade
25. Putting The Screws On - Audio Diary

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 3. A Vita-Chamber is nearby (behind me in this shot) so you can expect to be coming through here again. I recommend hacking the Circus of Values now.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 4. Climb over the debris and pass through a door to this scene. You're catching a glimpse of a new Splicer type, the ceiling-climbing Spider Splicer.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 5. She climbs through this ceiling hole, where you can use Telekinesis to pull a box of Electric Buck. A Health Station is ready for hacking through the next door.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 6. Through another door you'll emerge in the Lower Wharf. A Big Daddy is escorting a Little Sister.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 7. Turn left and hop over the ledge to crawl beneath the boardwalk, where you'll find plenty of goodies.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 8. A Supply Crate will be near your initial position, and this turret is not far away. Hopefully the many Splicers in the area are battling the Big Daddy. Hacking the turret adds to their damage. Pistol Rounds can be found behind some pistons on the right.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 9. The Medical Expert Physical Tonic is found here, next to a First Aid Kit. This Tonic enhances the power of First Aid Kits.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 10. Another turret may be hacked here (already destroyed in this shot) and you'll find Sullivan's audio diary Bathysphere Keys as well as an EVE Hypo. Another First Aid Kit is straight ahead. Machine Gun Rounds and a flammable canister are in the far left corner.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 11. If you take cover and let the Splicers and Big Daddy fight it out (especially if you have Enrage!), you'll have minimal cleanup to finish off the remaining Splicers. There's several pools of water for electrifying the lot, and Telekinesis helps defeat the Nitros with their own bombs.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 12. Once you've collected your loot and reasonably pacified the area, enter Fontaine Fisheries.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 13. Your first order of business in the Fisheries (after searching the Supply Crates by the door) is to hack the rocket turret on the right. You may also want to hack the Circus of Values to its left as well.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 14. You'll then want to stand clear of the forthcoming carnage. Note the Gatherer's Garden on the left; a Gene Bank is around the corner as well. With the rocket turret on our side and a new Gatherer's Garden available, it's time to gather some ADAM.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 15. Head outside and find a Big Daddy with a Little Sister. If there aren't any Little Sisters out at the moment, stay close to their Hidey Holes. You can find one just past the Rapture Metro door. Fire on the Big Daddy and lure him into Fontaine Fisheries.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 16. Pull the Big Daddy (this one is of the ranged-weapon Rosie variety) onto the balcony facing your hacked rocket turret. Zap her in place with Electro Bolt and let the rockets tear her apart.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 17. Once Rosie has fallen, collect your ADAM and spend it at the nearby Gatherer's Garden. If you've saved all three Little Sisters thus far, you'll find a Hypnotize Big Daddy Plasmid by the Gatherer's Garden as a gift from Tenenbaum.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 18. For those keeping score, I've now got 320 ADAM, which I spend on two Plasmid Slots and an Enrage! Plasmid. (I would normally purchase Health or EVE upgrades, but I find Enrage! to be too good to pass up.)

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 19. I now have a total of four Plasmid Slots, enough for all of my previous Plasmids, plus my new Enrage! Plasmid.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 20. Climb behind your hacked rocket turret and pass through the door under the sign.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 21. The Gorton's of Gloucester fisherman is inside, alongside two First Aid Kits. A Medical Station can be hacked around the corner. Do this now.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 22. Grab these supplies from the conveyor before knocking on the door; a tough battle is coming up and if you die, the supplies go away.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 23. Knock on the door and listen to crazy Peach Wilkins. Upon hearing the approach of a Spider Splicer, he shares his doubts about your current situation.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 24. The Spider is your toughest Splicer yet. Your weapons do minimal damage, and this Splicer can climb walls and scurry across the ceiling, all the while tossing firey meathooks at you. Keep moving and try to zap her with your Electro Bolt. Peach sends in a security bot for backup.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 25. The Spider Splicer gets away, but Peach sends you some hefty new firepower: the Grenade Launcher. You also receive a new goal: find the research camera.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 26. Return past the rocket turret and find a trio of Leadhead Splicers in the water below. Two quick zaps of Electro Bolt takes them down quickly.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 27. Ascend the stairs and defeat a Nitro Splicer, then find that the corridor to the Wharfmaster's office on the right is now unlocked. Don't go there just yet, though. Instead, hop over the ledge on the left.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 28. Beware this security camera. Hack or destroy it.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 29. The camera is covering this bloody corpse, alongside a Machine Gun, Pistol Rounds, and a security bot which you can hack to escort yourself about the area. Jump over the ledge next to the security camera and search the bodies of the Leadhead Splicers you fried a moment ago.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 30. Follow the corridor to this door. You can hack it or enter the code 5380 which you'll find in a bit. Inside is Sullivan's grizzly audio log Timmy H. Interrogation along with a smuggler's crate and Machine Gun Rounds. The body may be searched for some decent loot, and Telekinesis can pull buckshot and Pistol Rounds from behind the bars.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 31. Return upstairs to the unlocked Wharfmaster's corridor. Many Splicers are ahead -- ready your Enrage! if you've got it. Note the EVE Hypo on the floor ahead/left.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 32. After the area calms down, find buckshot on the left and this hole in the floor to the right.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 33. Crawl beneath to find health, ammo, EVE, and Andrew Ryan's audio diary, Fontaine Must Go.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 34. Ascend the stairs to the Upper Wharf, finding a Health Station and crate to the left at this landing. Another crate is behind the Wharfmaster sign. Continue up the stairs to find proximity mines, pistol rounds, buckshot and cash.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 35. A Big Daddy and Little Sister wander the area on the left. I Enrage a Leadhead Splicer to shave some health off the Big Daddy (and consequently kill the Leadhead) while I search the area on the right.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 36. Here on this table to the right is Tenenbaum's audio diary Finding The Sea Slug. A First Aid Kit and a crate are also found here.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 37. Search this body for Sullivan's Picked up Timmy H. audio diary, revealing the code 5380 for the gate we saw earlier. Another audio log, Masha Come Home, is by the Hidey Hole ahead, and reveals code 7533 for room 7 at the upcoming Fighting McDonagh's.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 38. Find a Lockbox then hop over the adjacent ledge to find yourself on the rooftops of the Lower Wharf. Two EVE Hypos are seen in this shot, and a First Aid Kit is here. There's also Pistol Rounds on a post ahead/left, and a very nice supply crate on an awning to the left.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 39. Smash the lock on this gate then defeat the Splicer on the other side. Machine Gun and Pistol Rounds are to the right.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 40. Some bait is on the left, but don't bite until you've taken out this security camera near a Vita-Chamber at the first landing up the stairs. It's too high up to hack, so I resorted to destroying it with a single up-close shot of Electric Buck. Another, easier-to-reach security camera is at the top of the stairs, above some smuggler's crates and left of two frag grenades.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 41. You can now safely search this supply crate, hack the Circus of Values and listen to Andrew Ryan's audio log Watch Fontaine. A Frag Grenade can be pulled via Telekinesis from the upper-left ledge.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 42. Now that you've got a security camera on your side, plus a nearby Vita-Chamber, I'd say it's a good time to confront that Big Daddy we passed a moment ago. Your Grenade Launcher is your best bet against the Big Daddy. Hit him then run up the stairs to your security camera.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 43. The combination of your grenades, security bots, Exploding and Electric Buck, brings down Rosie before too long.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 44. Lots of turrets and security cameras are up here so proceed carefully. The office straight ahead is currently inaccessible. Instead, smash the lock on the gate to the right.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 45. Speed is essential, especially if you intend to hack these turrets instead of shoot them with your Electric Buckshot. This turret is directly ahead from the locked gate and will fire on you immediately. Hit it with your Electro Bolt to temporarily disable it, then rush it and either hack or shoot.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 46. To the right is another turret plus a security camera. Again, move quickly. At the end of the corridor you'll have another turret to the left and yet another on the right. Be careful to not get caught in the crossfire while the turrets are of mixed loyalty.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 47. Two First Aid Kits and a Proximity Mine are found here. Bandages and an EVE Hypo are found near the toilet, and a fallen Big Daddy holds excellent loot.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 48. The Research Camera is found behind the locked gate on the right, but going there triggers a scripted sequence that prevents your return. Instead, proceed by smashing the air vent on the left wall and climbing inside. Note the buckshot on the pipe above/left.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 49. You're now inside the locked office you spotted earlier. This security camera on the right is too high to hack. Have your Shotgun ready to blast the camera as you emerge from the vent.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 50. Lots of good stuff in here, all inaccessible if you had grabbed the camera first: two Machine Guns, a Grenade Launcher, a Safe, plus Sullivan's audio diary Have My Badge.