BioShock Walkthrough - Arcadia (Part One)

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 1. Find two First Aid Kits then search these crates to discover a new type of item used for crafting at the upcoming U-Invent Stations.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 2. Here's a map of the level. All maps can be viewed on the maps page.
Map - Arcadia
1. Seeing Ghosts - Audio Diary
2. Big Night Out - Audio Diary
3. Mass Producing Adam - Audio Diary
4. Arcadia Closed - Audio Diary
5. Shouldn't Have Come - Audio Diary
6. Security Evasion - Physical Tonic
7. The Market Is Patient - Audio Diary
8. Offer A Better Product - Audio Diary
9. Early Tests Promising - Audio Diary
10. Heroes And Criminals - Audio Diary
11. Hacking Expert - Engineering Tonic
12. What Won't They Steal? - Audio Diary
13. Teaching An Old Hound - Audio Diary
14. The Lazarus Vector - Audio Diary
15. Lazarus Vector Formula - Audio Diary
16. The Saturnine - Audio Diary
17. Arcadia And Oxygen - Audio Diary
18. Power To The People - Weapon Upgrade
19. Maternal Instinct - Audio Diary
20. The Great Chain - Audio Diary

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 3. Crouch under this pipe, ascend the stairs, then smash the lock on the door. You receive a new goal: go to the Metro station.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 4. Head straight back and find this locked door. Notice that only one torch is lit. Use Incinerate! to light the other and the door opens. Find plenty of crafting material inside. Don't miss the corpse in a coffin for some decent loot.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 5. Walk across the bridge and turn left to find McDonagh's Seeing Ghosts audio diary. A corpse, camera and film are to the right, and a Shotgun and Electric Buck are in the far right corner.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 6. Three doors are here. Enter the leftmost one.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 7. Find Dieter Sonnekalb's Big Night Out audio diary by a First Aid Kit.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 8. Tenenbaum's Mass Producing Adam audio diary is here on the right next to an EVE Hypo.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 9. Exit out the middle door then ready your camera before entering through this rightmost door.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 10. Snap a shot of your first Houdini Splicer. Even a "C" rating earns you Increased Damage +.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 11. Play hide-and-seek with the teleporting Houdini. He'll lead you to this mask where you'll find some cash. The lights cut out...

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 12. ...and he appears behind you. Yikes. Incinerate! him to whittle his health while he zips around.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 13. Search the neighboring storage room for an EVE Hypo, this Grenade Launcher and several Frag Grenades.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 14. Char him some more on your way up the stairs.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 15. Once upstairs, he'll stay put long enough for you to put some Antipersonnel Auto Rounds into him. An explosive canister is nearby and can be thrown for goodly damage.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 16. Once defeated, all that remains is the mask.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 17. Conduct a thorough search for supplies, careful not to miss the two crawlspaces.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 18. Find Julie Langford's Arcadia Closed audio diary here. A Gene-Bank is to the right.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 19. Exit through this door.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 20. You're now above the Tea Garden, greeted by this Leadhead. Ignite the oil slick he's standing on then gun him down. Another Leadhead attacks from the balcony on the right, where you'll be able to pull some Proximity Mines.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 21. Through another door labeled, "Rapture Metro" is this room with lots of Splicers. I died multiple times -- Enrage! would have been a better option than running-and-gunning. It's a tough room and supplies are running thin. Fortunately there's a Circus of Values, a Health Station and plenty to pick up.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 22. Hack this turret around the right corner and lure the Splicers to their demise. A crawlspace behind the turret leads to the balcony seen earlier.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 23. Open the crawlspace door seen ahead to find supplies and a safe. Another door exits to traps; best to exit the way you came.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 24. Zap this sparking switch to unlock the door and find more supplies.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 25. The path ahead is indicated by the "Rapture Metro" signs, but take a side step into the "Employees Only" room.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 26. Clear the room of supplies, mindful of the traps set up at the crawlspace exit we avoided before. Traps can be defeated multiple ways. You can use Telekinesis to throw bodies and other objects at the traps to trigger them, or even move the traps into more advantageous configurations.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 27. Return outside and follow the "Rapture Metro" sign down the stairs. Ready your camera if you still need Thuggish Splicer research. This is where I finally earned my SportBoost Physical Tonic, which helps you move and swing the Wrench faster.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 28. Find Cash, buckshot and a corpse before entering Arcadia Glens.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 29. Witness a tiff between Splicers then find your first U-Invent machine here on the right. Don't miss the Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds in the bottom shelf, and find a storage crate on the ledge upper-right, accessible by climbing the boxes on the right.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 30. The U-Invent machine is where you do your crafting, and put to use all those odd objects you've been collecting. Hacking the machine allows you to create more with less. My preference here is the Armor-Piercing Auto Rounds -- very useful against Big Daddies.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 31. Pull this EVE Hypo from the rock on the left, then ready your camera and drop into the canal for some Houdini Splicer research.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 32. Keep right at this exit sign.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 33. The Houdini will appear when you are about halfway down the path beneath the boardwalk. I snapped multiple photographs to earn one of my favorite Physical Tonics, Natural Camouflage. Having this Tonic equipped will render you invisible while standing still!

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 34. Drop over a short waterfall then come to a clearing with a Circus of Values and this crawlspace. Inside is a safe, a Lockbox and Bandages.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 35. A Houdini waits inside this room -- don't enter until you're ready with a weapon or the Research Camera. Also inside is a U-Invent machine, a Gene-Bank, health and ammo. A Thuggish Splicer will follow you so be prepared for that as well.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 36. On my way out I was met by a Little Sister and her Big Daddy escort. Be sure to snap photos when you see both.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 37. A Houdini Splicer joined us, and I used Enrage! to get the Houdini and the Big Daddy to battle.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 38. I then engaged the Big Daddy and died. The Vita Chamber is near a Gatherer's Garden, and another Big Daddy and Little sister were here as well. This area is reached by going through the exit seen earlier (or by dying, obviously).

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 39. Remarkably, the first Big Daddy appeared and lured his Little Sister companion from the nearby Hidey Hole. Now we've really got a party! Two Little Sisters and two Big Daddies!

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 40. One of the big Daddy's got caught in the other's crossfire, triggering a violent response. I didn't even have to use Enrage! for one Big Daddy to kill the other.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 41. All told, I now have 700 ADAM to spend after adding both harvests to what I already had banked. I purchase a Plasmid Slot, two Physical Tonic Slots, two Engineering Tonic Slots, one Combat Tonic Slot, Health and EVE Upgrades, plus Human Inferno, leaving me with 20 ADAM. It's tempting to purchase Electro Bolt 2, but Electro Bolt 3 will be available in Hephaestus.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 42. Here is my current configuration.

BioShock Walkthrough Screenshot 43. Ignore the nearby Waterfall Grotto for now. Instead, follow the Metro/Farmer's Market signs. Destroy the security camera just visible upper-left before entering the door under the Rolling Hills sign ahead.