The site design that I have chosen is heavily inspired by Dave Shea's Night Drive, one of many designs featured on CSS Zen Garden. I've changed all of the images, tweaked the colors and incorporated some classic Space Invaders touches in hopes of putting my own design aesthetic on the overall look. I hope you find it pleasing.

Usability improvements include static navigation bars at the top and bottom of most pages that should make navigation easier, especially on the very scroll-heavy walkthrough pages. I'm very excited to be back after my long absence, and hope to get cracking on my next walkthrough immediately, Dead Space. This new IP updates classic survival horror elements with a few new twists that make for some thrilling game play. Until then, good luck and good gaming!

- Mike Mangold - 11/11/2008

New Site Design!

After (finally) selling my house, waiting for customizations to be completed on a new one and at last moving in, I decided that I should upgrade my virtual home on the Web, too. So, after even more months of cyber-hammering, painting and planting, it's time for the reveal. Welcome to the new!

My primary objectives for this redesign are to make future updates easier, and to step-up to a more modern method of Web development. That means relying on cascading style sheets (CSS) for more than just traditional style elements, and moving away from table-based layout techniques. After a fair bit of research I found the amazing Web site CSS Zen Garden, an inspirational gold mine with a seemingly-endless supply of fascinating designs all sharing identical HTML. CSS layout techniques will allow me to make future design changes without (hopefully) recoding all of the HTML yet again. To upgrade my coding practices, I've switched from using Dreamweaver to a Mac-specific tool named Coda. Despite having been a mainframe programmer for twelve years, I was a bit reluctant to go from a full-WYSIWYG editor to hand-coding, but the final code is much cleaner and more consistent.

Another objective was to create standards-based code that could pass validation, the primary benefit of which is to provide consistency across diverse Web browsers. Two problems arose in this effort: third-party code and Internet Explorer. The code provided by most advertisers is simply a mess in terms of code validation, so unfortunately (being out of my hands) that code still fails validation. One shining exception is that provided by Google for both their Analytics product and for their AdSense services. Internet Explorer (version 8 as of this writing) just always seems to be the odd-man-out when rendering pages. Whether it's a border that refuses to show or the nerve-wracking pixel misalignment of floated elements, IE is always wanting to render pages in a manner inconsistent with that of the other browsers I've tested. I've done my best, but if you're using IE you might not quite be seeing things as I've intended.