About VisualWalkthroughs.com

Video games can be great fun. But when the fun turns to frustration, it's time to turn to a walkthrough. But the problem with most walkthroughs is that they can be frustrating in themselves. You don't want to wade through an ocean of text, you just want to figure out where to find that switch, how to defeat that boss, or even simply where to go next, then get back to your Xbox, Wii, Playstation, or PC.

That's the inspiration behind this site. Numbered screenshots with short captions quickly get you the information you need to get back in the game. Mercifully brief reviews describe the game's strengths and weaknesses without retelling the story -- that's left for the walkthrough. For easy reference, each level has its own HTML page -- saving your place in the walkthrough is as easy as setting a bookmark in your browser.

An "Acknowledgments" section in each walkthrough attributes others' work that was used in creating the walkthrough. Unless otherwise indicated, all games are the US PC version played on the "Normal" difficulty setting.

For a complete listing of all walkthroughs, visit the home page. Enjoy!

- Mike Mangold