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Video games can be great fun. But when the fun turns to frustration, it's time to turn to a walkthrough. But the problem with most walkthroughs is that they can be frustrating in themselves. You don't want to wade through an ocean of text, you just want to figure out where to find that switch, how to defeat that boss, or even simply where to go next, then get back to your Xbox, Wii, PlayStation, or PC.

That's the inspiration behind this site.


Site News

  • My first iOS app, the Snoozy iPhone Alarm Clock, is now for sale on the app store. Improved readability and better snooze were my design goals for this new type of smartphone alarm clock. Check it out if you are looking for a fresh new alarm clock for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Awesome announcement from Bethesda on a remastered Doom 3, titled Doom 3 BFG.
  • VisualWalkthroughs.com has a new guest author, Pradeep Rajan. His new Crysis Walkthrough is now available!